A shared album featuring original songs by both Craig Cardiff and Toronto songwriter/producer Les Cooper, this album was recorded live at the University of Waterloo Bombshelter Pub in front of an audience of 200+ students and fans. Engineered and produced by Les Cooper with Brian Alexanian, featuring Joel Stouffer (Dragonette, Andy Stochansky) on drums, Paul Mathew (Hidden Cameras, Roxanne Potvin) on double bass, and Les Cooper (Matt Barber, Andy Stochansky, Jill Barber) on guitar and keys.


1. Bread
2. Emm May
3. County Road Christmas Time
4. Lost
5. No Rules
6. Slowdive
7. Bird Down
8. Trouble On The Floor
9. Africville
10. Sudbury
11. Saskatchewan
12. Homecoming
13. Foolish Boy

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